About the Anime MUD Network (A.M.N.)

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A Federation of MUDs

A selection of MUDs that connected us as players long ago, coming together as a community.

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Free Hosting

We've been hosting MUDs for over 10 years now at no cost.

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Reconnect With Old Friends

Find long lost friends and reconnect with them by playing some classic MUDs from your past.

Reuniting Your Treasured MUDs From Long Past

Remember the MUDs you used to play long ago? The friends you made, the challenges you conquered, the communities you helped build. We're bringing it back.

List of MUDs

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Bleached InuYasha Galaxy
biyg.org 1801

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The Dragonball (Lost Time)
amn.biyg.org 1901

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Dragonball Z World: Vintage
amn.biyg.org 4000

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Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island
greedisland.servegame.com 4000

The Original

No clones nor stolen code here. All A.M.N. MUDs are running under the original owner or booted up from the official code with permission by original owner. This means your old characters are still there!

Reason to Join A.M.N.


Free Hosting

Free MUD hosting, no strings attached. This is optional and you are welcome to continue to stay hosted where you wish.


Inter-MUD Chat

A MUD channel that chats between all A.M.N. MUDs. († coming soon)


Listed on A.M.N.

Your MUD will be listed on our A.M.N. website to help grow the community.



Our niche community becomes more focused with each MUD that joins A.M.N. and helps reconnect many lost friends.

Apply to our free MUD hosting, managed by SysAdmins with over 10 years experience hosting MUDs.

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